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Two Truths And A Lie

We are experts at lying. Not a day goes by where we don’t lie.

TRUTH #1 — We lie at least once or twice a day.
Studies prove that honesty is not the best policy. Lying has become a simple life condition. We have endless motivations for lying— to save face, avoid hurting people, impress others, social lubricant, or prevent conflict.

Even a white lie is the norm.
But why do we lie?
For acceptance and survival.

TRUTH #2 — If a person feels safe, lying is no longer necessary.

How do we stop ourselves from lying?
Ramani Durvasula, a licensed psychologist, says, “Trust is the primary connective tissue of a relationship. More than anything, it fosters a sense of safety. Without Trust, a relationship cannot grow in a healthy manner.”

People need to feel safe in their environment to stop lying. What does it mean to feel safe? A safe space is free of anger, judgment, biases, or trouble.

LIE #1 — Our brain is calm when we lie.

We think lying will keep the peace in our relationships. In neuroscience, this is not the case. Our brains work double-time to keep up with our lies.

So, to keep the peace within yourselves, tell the truth. Your brain will thank you.

I know I lied to you at the beginning of this essay, which defeats this essay’s very idea. What I’m showing you is how easy it is to lie to prove a point.

The question is— is the lie worth it?

Is it ok to lie? Or are we better of practicing radical honesty with people?

About the author

About the author

Bea Trinidad host a podcast about smarter love - Thirsty & Thirty. She is also the official storyteller of a culinary school, CCA Manila. She can help you with writing projects like a love story gift to your special someone or telling your company’s story.

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