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Should we learn how to date in schools?

Or, are we better off being self-taught?
At school, I learned cursive penmanship, math, and speed reading. I would never place these interests in my dating profile.

All of these subjects never prepared me for dating and relationships. No one explains how to approach love, infatuation, and frustrations.

A few years ago, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, gave women advice in her book, ‘Lean In:’ “I truly believe that the single most important career decision that a woman makes is whether she will have a life partner and who that partner is.

I couldn’t agree more after experiencing incompatible dates, toxic relationships, and heartaches. Esther Perel says, “the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.” But, what should one learn to ensure healthy relationships?

Yesterday, I listened to Logan Lury talk about her book, ‘How Not To Die Alone.’ She points out that we must date more intentionally. Think about how we go to financial advisors or personal trainers. If we put the same care we did into our money and fitness, we would have better luck at relationships.

What do we need to teach ourselves to be better partners?
Loyalty, kindness, growth mindset, and ability to make decisions.
The essential part is to pay close attention to the kind of person you become with your partner.

When two people make each other better, that’s a success, whether you are self-taught or not.

About the author

About the author

Bea Trinidad host a podcast about smarter love - Thirsty & Thirty. She is also the official storyteller of a culinary school, CCA Manila. She can help you with writing projects like a love story gift to your special someone or telling your company’s story.

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