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Lego & Relationships

I came across this humorous article, “What Building A Lego Sculpture Taught Me About My Relationship.” It made me think about the lessons we can learn from playing LEGO and applying it to our relationships.

  • Every person is made up of pieces. And, those pieces need to complement to make a whole.
  • Nostalgia plays a part in romance.
  • Learning is part of the growth of two people.
  • You have to be present. Avoid distractions and multitasking.
  • Creativity is valuable.
  • Never lose the child-like curiosity and imagination.
  • Patience is needed to build our relationships. Take your time.
  • The tiny details matter more than the grand picture.
  • Appreciate discovering your partner.
  • Enjoy the process of putting the pieces together. Relationships are much more rewarding that way.

What do you think? Are there lessons you’ve learned from LEGO on being better at your relationships? Or, are there other games and toys we can learn from?

About the author

About the author

Bea Trinidad host a podcast about smarter love - Thirsty & Thirty. She is also the official storyteller of a culinary school, CCA Manila. She can help you with writing projects like a love story gift to your special someone or telling your company’s story.

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