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Design A Good Life

“You can turn something that seems nothing into something really beautiful all the time. This is actually a good life. Basically, it’s not just an Instagrammable life. It’s something that I’d want to wake up to.”

Kitty Bunag is a lover of beauty. She is passionate about design, art, and photography. No matter what crisis life throws at her, she makes sure art is in her life.
When you hear what she’s been through in our episode, you’ll understand what it takes to design a good life and how you really can make something out of nothing. Here are lessons we learned in our chat with her:
1. Turn pivotal moments in your life into a time for healing.
2. When it comes to your career, it’s ok to go with the tide. But stand firm and work the wave.
3. Act on any ideas before someone else does.
4. We are all instruments with value.
5. There’s so much more going on beyond the four corners of Instagram. Forget your feed and social perception.
6. Romantic love is about lust, madness, and passion. Love until you are old.
7. Live in the moment because the future is uncertain.

About the author

About the author

Bea Trinidad host a podcast about smarter love - Thirsty & Thirty. She is also the official storyteller of a culinary school, CCA Manila. She can help you with writing projects like a love story gift to your special someone or telling your company’s story.

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