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I’m Bea Trinidad, a storyteller turned podcaster, producer, writer and growth marketer.

At one point, I had a Tequila bar in Melbourne and thought I’d open food businesses for the rest of my life. I was wrong. I was horrible at running a restaurant.

My big Eureka moment happened in November 2020. I wrote a thousand words about culinary students holding a food drive for the victims of Typhoon Ulysses in the Philippines, published in the Philippine Star (300,000 readership). With a thousand words, we raised half a million pesos. That’s when I discovered the power of storytelling. Words can persuade people to act no matter the medium.

Since then, I’ve continued my storytelling journey for the last three years. This has been my best decision so far in my career. And it’s where I can make the best use of my skills.

Since 2020, these are the projects I’ve been up to:

I’ve created content that highlights businesses in the F&B space. The goal here is to inspire more people to pursue their culinary dreams. I love discovering hole-in-the-walls.

I’ve hosted and produced podcasts that educate on sex and personal relationships. These podcasts have been featured in Vogue Philippines, Spotify’s Top Charts and many more.

The Sexytime Podcast has had almost 2 million downloads. Thirsty and Thirty has had 100,000 downloads. I aim to help people improve their approach to sexual wellness and their relationships.

I’ve also taught storytelling and digital marketing in Bhutan for a total of seven months to two hundred people.

My mission is to become a better modern storyteller. (Yes, even with the rise of ChatGPT and AI tools!)

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A fun fact – wrote this first article at how old about rocket ships

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